Now Lions Den Mobile

JMS Tech Systems is now Lions Den Mobile. Please visit Lions Den Mobile for more information.

Our New Name

Lions Den Mobile


The name JMS Technology Systems was born in 2011 with the notion that it could cover any type of technology needed for customers to build a solution for their problem. Over the years, I felt that this was too broad and difficult to understand, for both myself and my customers.

With the streamlining of our development and solution offerings, I decided that I wanted to work solely in mobile apps as the prefferred choice to solve our customers problems. With that decision came a new name, Lions Den Mobile.


What kind of mobile apps?

That can best be answered by answering the following question, "What kind of mobile apps do we not build?" We don't build Games. What's left? Well let's see...utility apps, business productivity, data apps that collect and display dynamic data from the cloud. You could say that some of these apps fall in the "Entertainment" realm. 


What markets are we working in?
  • Healthcare
  • Small Government
  • Entertainment
  • Transportation
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