• WordPress – building new websites or maintaining/upgrading current websites
  • Build/Fix/Upgrade websites built with Wix, Weebly, Shopify, or Squarespace


Mobile Apps

  • Android and iOS using cross-platform code
  • I do not work with native app development (Java or Swift/Objective-C), but I can recommend someone if needed


Social Media Marketing Tools and Audits

  • I can test your website to make sure it is set up correctly for sharing content on social media
  • Various tools can be used to help you post content to social media
  • If a visitor to your website tries to share content, make sure it looks good on social media


Custom Coding

  • Python
    • Data Processing
    • Import Spreadsheets into a database
    • Scrape a website
  • JavaScript
  • Angular 4/5/6 – Also AngularJS
  • PHP